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ProB is a graphical animator and model checker for the B method. The ProB homepage is at, where precompiled binaries, installation instructions and documentation are available.

Important notice

If you find a problem with ProB or this documentation please let us know. We are happy to receive suggestions for improvements to ProB or the documentation. More information about submitting bug reports is available in the "bugs" section. You can also post a question in our prob-users group or send an email to Michael Leuschel.

New version of ProB user manuals

We are redesigning the user manual and developer handbook.

Content of this manual

Animation and Visualisation with ProB:

Validation with ProB:

Other Interfaces to ProB:

ProB and Other Tools:

ProB for Other Languages:

Advanced Features of ProB:

Advanced Visualization Features of ProB:

FAQ, Tips and Troubleshootings:

(Also have a look at the tutorial; in particular Starting ProB and first animation steps).

Sample Models

Some of the examples below are now available as Jupyter notebooks and can be launched using binder. Another repository contains notebooks for teaching. An extensive collection of models for benchmarking is maintained in a Github repository.

Sample Graphics


Please help us to improve this documentation by providing feedback in our bug tracker, asking questions in our prob-users group or sending an email to Michael Leuschel.