State space visualization examples

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Alternating Bit Protocol

This is a visualisation of 3643 states and 11115 transitions of a TLA+ model of the alternating bit protocol, as distributed with the TLA+ tools. This model (MCAlternatingBit.tla) was loaded with ProB, the model checker run for a few seconds and then the command "State Space Fast Rendering" with options (scale,fast) was used.

The goal predicate rBit=1 was used; those states satisfying this predicate are shown in orange.

MCAlternatingBit sfdp.png

The main file of the model is:

--------------------------- MODULE MCAlternatingBit -------------------------
EXTENDS AlternatingBit, TLC

INSTANCE ABCorrectness 

CONSTANTS msgQLen, ackQLen

SeqConstraint == /\ Len(msgQ) \leq msgQLen
                 /\ Len(ackQ) \leq ackQLen

SentLeadsToRcvd == \A d \in Data : (sent = d) /\ (sBit # sAck) ~> (rcvd = d)

ImpliedAction == [ABCNext]_cvars

TNext == WF_msgQ(~ABTypeInv')
TProp == \A d \in Data : (sent = d) => [](sent = d)

CSpec == ABSpec /\ TNext

DataPerm == Permutations(Data)