Mastering the Visualization of Larger State Spaces with Projection Diagrams

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This page provides additional resources for the paper we have submitted for the ICFEM 2015.

Resources and ProB Live Visualizations

We have prepared two interactive live visualizations. One of the Event-B model of the landing gear system (the full description of the case study can be found here) and one of the Event-B model of a simple lift system.

The visualizations can either be controlled by interacting with the displayed elements (i.e., clicking the handle) or using the Events view which can be opened using the "Open View" menu at the bottom right corner.

  1. Visualization of the landing gear system
  2. Visualization of the simple lift

The Event-B model of the simple lift system be can be downloaded here:

Technical Report

Creating a Domain Specific Projection

  • Open the ModelCheckingUI using the "Open View" menu at the bottom right corner.
  • Click on the "MC" icon and run the model checker in order to explore the full state space of the model.
  • After finishing, you can open the Element Projection view using the "Open Diagram" menu at the bottom right corner.
  • Select the lift or landing visualization respectively and select some elements for the projection.

Please note: Due to a small bug, you can only create a projection for max. two selected graphical elements at the moment. We are already working on this bug.


BMotion Studio for ProB

ProB 2.0