Using ProB with KODKOD

As of version 1.3.5 ProB can make use of Kodkod as an alternate way of solving constraints.

How to enable Kodkod

For the command-line version you need to call prob as follows:

probcli -p KODKOD TRUE

Note: to experiment with Kodkod you may want to try out the command:

probcli -p KODKOD TRUE -repl

For the ProB Tcl/Tk Version you should select the menu command "Enable Kodkod for Properties" in the Preferences menu.

What can be translated

First-order relations and sets, numbers, booleans.

Generally only complete predicate translated or nothing at all, unless you set the KODKOD_ONLY_FULL preference to FALSE.

When is the Kokod translation used

  • for solving PROPERTIES
  • constraint-based assertion checking (-cbc_assertions command for probcli or the Assertion Checking command in the Verify menu)
  • in the Eval Console in the ProB Tcl/Tk version
  • for the REPL in probcli (probcli -p KODKOD TRUE -repl)

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