ABZ 2014 Case Study

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This page provides additional resources for the journal article we have submitted for the International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer.

The journal article is an extended version of the paper we have submitted for the ABZ 2014 case study track.

The full description of the case study can be found here.

ProB Live Visualisations

We have prepared two interactive live visualizations of the case study. One of our own Event-B model and one of the first development by Jean-Raymond Abrial and Wen Su [1].

The visualization of our own model can either be controlled by interacting with the displayed elements (i.e., clicking the handle) or using the Events view which can be opened using the "Open View" menu at the bottom right corner. The other model can only be controlled using the Events view.

BMotion Studio for ProB Video



BMotion Studio for ProB

ProB 2.0


  1. Aircraft Landing Gear System: Approaches with Event-B to the Modeling of an Industrial System, Su, W. and Abrial, J., 2014 in Communications in Computer and Information Science (ABZ 2014: The Landing Gear Case Study)