Tutorial Symbolic Constants


ProB Tcl/Tk as well as the probcli command-line version are able to store units symbolically (i.e. as a predicate) instead of evaluating them. For constants that contain large sets or relations, this might speed up computations or even facilitate more complex ones.

Through a plugin, this behaviour is extended to ProB for Rodin.

Installing the ProB Symbolic Constants Plugin

The plugin is available from the ProB for Rodin Updatesite. The package is called "ProB for Rodin2 - Symbolic Constants Support". It is not bundled with ProB for Rodin itself.

Marking Constants to be kept symbolic

Once the plugin is installed, a toggle button "symbolic" / "not symbolic" should appear next to each constant in the Rodin editor.

You can select between the two behaviours:

  • symbolic, which will keep the constant stored as a predicate as long as possible. Please note, that some operations might trigger a full evaluation of the constant and thus discard the symbolic representation.
  • not symbolic, which is the default setting. Please note that in certain cases ProB might auto detect that a constant should be stored symbolically (i.e. an infinite set). In this case the "not symbolic" setting is overridden.

See the wiki page on infinite and recursive functions for more details.