Tutorial Co-Simulation

You can create Co-Simulations using FMI with ProB.


The ProB 2.0 Java API contains some classes for cosimulating discrete models specified in one of the formalisms that are supported by ProB, and continuous models that are implemented using the functional mockup interface (FMI). A so called functional mockup unit (FMU) can, for example, be created in C using the FMI SDK or exported from third party tools such as Dymola. The framework is built on top of JFMI from the Ptolemy Project. In fact, we only added a thin wrapper on top of the JFMI library. The de.prob.cosimulation.FMU class can be used to load a .fmu file and to control the continuous part of the simulation.

This tutorial will be created soon.

In the meantime you can have a look at chapter 6 of the EU project Advance deliverables D4.2 (Methods and tools for simulation and testing I) and D4.3 (Methods and tools for simulation and testing II).