Project View

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If no machine or no project has been opened, the Project View will allow you to create a project. If you choose to open a machine without having a project, a default project will be created.

The Project View contains several tabs:

  • Project, containing name and description
  • Machines, containing machines added to this project
  • Verifications, containing the verification status of each machine
  • Preferences, containing custom preferences
  • Run Configurations, containing machines paired with preferences (each pair has its own entry)

Project Tab

Project Tab.png

This tab shows the name and the description of the current project. Both are either automatically generated by opening a machine or chosen by the user who manually created the project and can be changed by double clicking on each respectively.

Machines Tab

Machines Tab.png

This tab shows the machines belonging to the project. By using the plus button several machines can be added to the project. By clicking right on a specific machine this machine can be edited or removed from the project.