ProB 2.0 within Rodin and a HTML Visualization Example

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Installing ProB 2.0 from Rodin 2.7 or later

Obtaining the latest ProB binary

Open a Groovy Console and type upgrade "latest".


Import the Lift Project

Select the Rodin "Import…" menu command and import the Archive.

Start Animating the Lift

Right-click on the MLift model and select the "Start Animation" command:


Click on setup_constants and initialise in the Events view:


Open HTML Visualization

Go into the ProB Menu at the top and select Open BMotionStudio Visualization:


Click on the button in the top-left of the BMotion Studio view, click the "Browse" button:


and navigate to the "lift.html" file:


You can now see a graphical visualisation of the state of the model:


You can also click on the buttons in the HTML page to control the model.