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Release history for [[ProB2-UI]] based on JavaFX.
#REDIRECT [[ProB2-UI#Download]]
* The latest stable version and current snapshots of this new UI  [[Download#ProB2-UI using Java FX|are available for download]]
== Version 1.1.0 (26th of January 2021) ==
* now contains [[VisB|VisB]] directly in the application, VisB has been extended considerably now supporting hovers, more attributes, better debugging and error feedback, ...
* supports model checking with time and state limit
* improved feedback for model checking (progress bar, memory usage)
* improved feedback for trace replay
* supports well-definedness checking (as an option under symbolic model checking)
* improved test case generation view with ability to save generated traces
* supports static analysis on machine
* supports exporting graphs from graph visualization view as .dot, .png, and .pdf
* added table visualization options for jumping to state IDs and source code locations
* improved state view that supports expanding formulas
* improved error feedback in the animator, especially when the machine could not be initialized
* improved highlighting of errors in editor
* added option to control warning detail level - can disable warnings or enable additional messages
* contains Prolog Output Console for debugging
* supports syntax highlighting for TLA, CSP, Alloy, XTL, and Z
* fixed Z support on macOS and Linux
* improved performance in various places, especially on startup, when switching machines, and when large machines are loaded
=== Downloads for version 1.1.0 ===
* [ Standalone jar file (all platforms)]
* [ Windows installer (with bundled JRE)]
* [ macOS application (with bundled JRE, notarized)]
* [ Linux deb package (with bundled JRE)]
==  Version 1.0.0 (18th of July 2019) ==
First stable release.
=== Downloads for version 1.0.0 ===
* [ Standalone jar file (all platforms)]
* [ Zip distribution (all platforms)]
* [ macOS application (without JRE, not notarized)]

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