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The ProB2 JavaFX Main Window

By default the main window is split into three vertical panes (see below).

  • In the left pane, the Operations view , showing the operations whose preconditions and guards are true in this state (the view also uses a blue circular arrow icon when an operation does not change the state);
  • In the middle the State View, containing the current state of the B machine, listing e.g., the current values of the machine variables;
  • In the right pane there are a variety of subviews, which can be activate:
    • The History of operations leading to this state (History).
    • The Project view
    • The Verification view
    • The Statistics view

ProB2JavaFX UI Overview.png

The ProB2 JavaFX Main Menu Bar

The menu bar contains the various commands to access the features of ProB. It includes the traditional "File" menu with a sub-menu "Recent Files" to quickly access the files previously opened in ProB. Notice the commands "Open\Save", "Reopen\Save" and "Reopen"; the latter reopens the currently opened file and reinitializes the state of the animation and the model checking processes completely. The "About" menu provides help on the tool and includes a command to check if an update is available on the ProB website.