Graphical Viewer


ProB can generate a wide range of visualizations for your models, e.g.:

  • the statespace of a model
  • the value of a particular formula
  • various reduced representation of the statespace of a model
  • one particular state of a model represented as a graph

For this ProB generates first a textual representation of a graph in the "dot" format. This information is typically saved to a file which has the same name and path as your main model, but has a ".dot" extension. It then uses GraphViz to render this file. For this it can either make use of the "dot" program to generate a Postscript file (generating a file with the ".ps" extension), or it uses a Dot-Viewer (such as "dotty") to view the file directly.

Setting up the Graphical Viewer

  • GraphViz: in order to make use of the graphical visualisation features, you need to install a version of GraphViz suitable for your architecture. More details can be found in Installation.
  • Then use the command "Graphical Viewer Preferences..." in the "Preferences" Menu:

Then set or check the following preferences:

    • Path/Command for dot program
    • Path/Command for dot viewer (e.g., dotty)

Note: you can use the "Pick" button to locate the dot program and the dot viewer.


In case you want to use the Postscript option, also make sure that you have a viewer for Postscript files installed, and set the preference "Path/Command for Postscript viewer".

  • You can select which viewer to use by going to the "Graphical Viewer" submenu of the "Preferences" Menu: