BMotionWeb: A Tool for Rapid Creation of Formal Prototypes

This page provides additional information and resources for the tool paper we have submitted for the SEFM 2016 conference.


Live Online Formal Prototypes

If you have troubles with running the online version, please contact Lukas Ladenberger (


Getting Started with BMotionWeb

Install BMotionWeb

Start off by downloading BMotionWeb for your operating system. You can find the latest version of the tool at

BMotionWeb Download

Decompress the archive and expand the directory if necessary. Navigate to the application folder and start BMotionWeb by executing the bmotion-prob binary.

Open a Formal Prototype

Start off by downloading a formal prototype from this wiki page. Decompress the archive and expand the directory if necessary. To open a formal prototype, click on the box in the middle of the window and select the BMotionWeb manifest file (.json file) of the formal prototype or just drag and drop the manifest file into the box. You can also open a formal prototype via the top menu: File > Open Visualization. For instance, to load the phonebook or CCS formal prototype select the phonebook.json or ccs.json file respectively.