Controlling ProB Preferences

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ProB provides a variety of preferences to control its behaviour. A list of preferences can be found in the manual page for probcli.

Setting Preferences in a B machine

This only works for classical B models. For a preference P you can add the following definition to the DEFINITIONS section of the main machine:


This will set the preference P to the value VAL for this model only.

Setting Preferences from the command-line

You can set a preference P to a value VAL for a particular run of probcli by adding the command-line switch -p P VAL, e.g.,

probcli -p P VAL mymachine.mch -mc 9999

You can obtain a list of preferences by calling probcli as follows:

probcli -help -v

You can use a preference file generated by ProB Tcl/Tk:

    -prefs FILE

This will import all preferences from this file, as set by ProB Tcl/Tk.

You can also set the scope for a particular [[Deferred Sets|deferred set] GS using the following command-line switch:

    -card GS Val

Setting Preferences from ProB Tcl/Tk

ProB Tcl/Tk stores your preferences settings in a file

The ProB preferences are grouped into various categories. In the "Preferences" Menu you can modify the preferences for each category:


For example, if you choose the graphical viewer preferences you will get this dialog: